The parade of the Three Kings in Palma

The most eagerly awaited day arrives for the little ones. This is the day in which the Christmas spirit culminates in an wonderous encounter. Palma is filled with colour to welcome their Majesties from the Orient on a night when excitement, fun and joy reign in the city. In the heat of the excitement of children, parents and grandparent, the three Kings parade through the most beautiful streets of the capital’s historic centre, in a journey full of dreams, hope and magical moments.

On January 5th, the kings from the East travel to the island of Palma de Mallorca aboard the Rafel Vereda, one of the oldest ships in the Mallorcan capital. At mid-afternoon, Palma’s Old Dock is high with expectation to see the Three Kings disembark. All the children wait hopefully for their turn to deliver last minute letters. The excitement and joy of the moment can be seen in the bright eyes of the youngsters, to finally see in person, the three wise men.

If there is something that makes the procession of the Three Kings magical, it is, without a doubt, the spectacle and grandeur of the parade. A journey full of magic, in which children are the stars, begins from the promenade. The smiling faces of Their Majesties and the royal pages, who do their best to ensure that no child is left without sweets, are the centre of attention of all those who attend.

Music bands, themed dances, spectacular fantasy floats and loveable animals. The historical centre of Palma is filled with hope in a parade full of surprises that will be remembered by the thousands of children who have dreamed of this moment throughout the year.

During the night, the Kings will work hard to leave all the gifts and favourite toys that the little ones have asked for on this magical day in which the Christmas spirit takes over. Do not forget to leave biscuits for them so they can regain their strength! The magic of Christmas culminates in a special night full of dreams and unforgettable moments with the family.

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