Cossiers Día de las Islas Baleares

Day of the Balearic Islands in Mallorca

The next Thursday March 1, Mallorca discovers its charms again with its most important festival. The Day of the Balearic Islands, popularly known as the ‘Diada’, commemorates the founding of the islands’ autonomy by a statute published for the first time in 1983. This popular celebration is the best way to get to learn all about the folklore and Mallorcan culture in a day full of music, happiness and sampling delicious foods.

Palma wakes up with a large number of activities and shows in the town centre streets. The beautiful Passeig del Born is transformed with flags, coloured banners and music to welcome the numerous sports exhibitions held in this lively avenue. The dances and traditional music coat the city in a festive, lively atmosphere that is contagious, bringing joy to all the curious people who come to see the dances and popular parades.

The history of Mallorca and Mediterranean culture are elements that make their presence felt in this joyful celebration, so it is not unusual to find storytellers and numerous meetings about traditions, legends and mythological characters such as the “Bubotas”, ghosts that scare people in the villages, and the powerful dragon that protects a precious treasure in the beautiful Caves of the Drach, in Porto Cristo.

In the island’s towns they celebrate the traditional medieval market. The streets and squares go back centuries and become true representations of Mallorca in medieval times. The representations of knights and fantastic creatures in costume roam the picturesque Mallorcan villages, amazing both children and adults.

Both in the capital and in the villages, the streets are filled with the smell of the exquisite gastronomic week that is included every year in the list of ‘Diada’ events. This delicious event includes show cooking, Mallorcan wine tasting, food vans with something for everyone, craft beer and, of course, the largest sample of Mallorcan traditional food. Robiols, ensaimadas, coca de trampó and potato, tumbet, Mallorcan fry-up, sobrasada, porcella … If you needed an excuse to try the delicious Mallorcan food, the huge number of examples of typical delicious foods on offer during this festival will give you an intense journey through the island’s culture and tradition.

The concerts and firework shows are the starring evening acts and end a day full of excitement and happiness, which is perfect for getting to know Mallorcan culture and tradition.

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