Playas cerca de Pure Salt Garonda

What are the best beaches near Pure Salt Garonda?

Majorca is well known for its fine sandy beaches lapped by warm waters and off the beaten track; coves that stand out for their charm and for being surrounded by a unique natural environment; unforgettable coves that define the beauty of a perfect picture postcard for those who visit them. And some are not all far from your luxury hotel in Playa de Palma. If you are looking for beaches near the hotel Pure Salt Garonda, look at this list that we at Pure Salt Luxury Hotels have prepared of the best coves for enjoying the sun near Playa de Palma.

  • Cala Blava. Located 10 minutes by car from the Pure Salt Garonda hotel, Cala Blava is a small beach surrounded by a landscape of pine trees and rocks that fill it with charm. Its white sand bathed by incredible turquoise waters make it a perfect place to relax in an intimate atmosphere. The cliffs that surround it rise to a height of up to 25 metres and offer a beautiful panoramic view of the Bay of Palma. It is also known as Cala Mosca and Cala Mosques.
  • Cala Pi. – One of the best coves in Majorca. You can access it by car or take a beautiful trip from the town of Maioris, located ten minutes from the capital. This cove is nestled in a natural landscape full of pine trees, from which it gets its name, and small fishing boats; a picturesque cove ideal for relaxing in natural surroundings.
  • Punta de Sa Torre. The beauty of the Mediterranean merges with the unspoilt natural surroundings that form this impressive cove. Located very close to Cala Pi, approximately 15 minutes by car from Playa de Palma, this rocky cove is considered one of the best coves in Majorca. To access it you have to make a small twenty-minute excursion with incredible panoramic views of the coast. Nudism is allowed on the entire beach.
  • Ciudad Jardin (Garden City). An extensive sandy stretch ideal for sports such as volleyball or paddle surfing. This beach is popular with Majorcans and visitors alike because of its location between Palma and Playa de Palma. It also has a wide range of services such as bars, restaurants, pharmacies… The perfect beach if after relaxing you want to take a lovely walk along the wide promenade that surrounds it.

These beaches enjoy an ideal location very close to our adults only hotel in Playa de Palma and are some of the most exclusive coves in Majorca.

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