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Simple plans for a romantic getaway to Mallorca

There are lots of places you can choose for a romantic getaway as a couple, but Mallorca combines so many ideas in one place that it’s definitely the best choice for enjoying time thought-out exclusively for two. In this post we are putting together several simple ideas so you can experience special moments on the island of calm without having to prepare them well in advance.

  • Sunset on the beach. Walking barefoot, hand in hand and feeling the sea breeze. There are few images as idyllic and intimate as this one, and Mallorca has more than 200 beaches, so you’ll be guaranteed to have one nearby to experience a unique moment next to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Sharing a sweet desert. We don’t understand why, but sweetness rather than savoury is more linked to romance, so a good plan is to enjoy a piece of cake, almond ice cream or a cup of chocolate in one of Majorca’s more traditional venues, like Can Joan de S’Aigo, in Palma.
  • Tasting an exquisite wine. White, red, rose, sparkling, dry, fruity … Wine is another of those products that we associate with enjoying as a couple and also on this island you can find wines of an excellent quality and for every taste. You don’t need to search, since they can be found in almost any restaurant and also in supermarkets, where there is usually no shortage of examples of excellent wines produced in Mallorca.
  • Having a couple’s session in the Spa. Who doesn’t like a session in the Spa? And if you also enjoy it as a couple it can leave an indelible mark of serenity and pleasure. Water circuit, jacuzzi, sauna and, of course, a good massage in an exclusive Spa in Mallorca guarantees the best sensations to reconnect with the inner you.
  • Asking the question with a gem. Yes, the time has come to ask your partner the most important question, and there is nothing better than doing it in the middle of a romantic trip and with a piece of handmade jewellery, the quality of which is guaranteed in the jewellery shops hidden in the streets in the centre of Palma and other parts of the island.
  • A special hotel. For a couple’s getaway, the hotel that you choose and the services that it offers are very important. There are some establishments in Mallorca that, in addition to personal treatment and excellent facilities, can offer special packages for couples, with every fundamental attention to make this trip the most important for the couple.

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