Fiestas de Sant Joan en Mallorca

Sant Joan festivities in Majorca

The night of San Juan, which takes place every 23rd June, is one of the most traditionally important events of the summer in Majorca. Celebrated practically all over the world, tonight serves to celebrate the beginning of the summer season and at the same time it acquires a mystical meaning since lots of people make wishes and resolutions for the beginning of summer. In the Island of Calm this festival upholds an important tradition and is one of the best ways of getting to know an alternative part of Majorcan culture.

San Juan, or Sant Joan in Majorcan, is a celebration that brings together hundreds of Majorcans and foreigners both in Palma and in the villages, celebrating, above all, on the beautiful beaches and coves. These are filled with bonfires and lots of families, couples and groups of friends who take advantage of the good weather to have dinner by the sea while enjoying the music and the great atmosphere. In the capital, the party usually begins at 8:30 pm at the Parque del Mar, very close to your adults only hotel only in Playa de Palma, with fun parades and batucadas (musical processions) for children while preparing for the famous star of the festival – the “Dimoni Bufó” – the jester demon.

Majorca has a long tradition of “Dimonis” and “Nits de foc” -firework nights-. In practically every town on the island there are “collas de Dimonis”, associations of “demons” that consist of groups of friends from the town in question who during the popular festivities disguise themselves as scary demons to frighten children and adults who run from the fireworks, while they play with fire and set off flares and sparks. You need to join in with this unique spectacle on the night of San Juan.

Bonfires are lit on the beaches and barbecues are distributed throughout the old town and through the main town squares. Just as in the Festival of Sant Sebastián, in Sant Joan the Majorcan “torradas” (toasted rolls) with typical sausages are the main things to eat during this celebration.

Music and concerts create this festive atmosphere that, starting at midnight, acquires a mystical feel. People gather around the bonfires and the following ritual is carried out: a little wine is poured into the fire, a paper is burned in which we have written all the things that we would like to change and, the bravest, jump over the fire three times. A lot of people even take a night-time dip, jumping the waves 7 times to bring good luck.

If you are looking for things to do in Majorca during your holidays, the night of Sant Joan will open the doors to summer while you get to know the Majorcan customs and traditions in a magical party full of good wishes and special moments.

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