Salinas Es Trenc

Salt in Mallorca, tasting excellence

Turquoise waters. Crystalline. Pure. Mallorca is known for the beauty of its Mediterranean waters. In a luxurious enclave where natural wonders are around every corner, La Salinas of Es Trenc is considered a Natural Park, and is one of the visual treasures that can be discovered in the southern part of the island.

The beach of Es Trenc, famous for its untouched vegetation and white sand, is also the starting point of a traditional process in which man and nature come together to create the favourite condiment of the gourmet chefs, the Fleur de Sel.

The white salt mountains that can be appreciated from any point on the Natural Park immerse the visitor in a picture postcard full of a great variety of birds and protected species. La Salinas of Es Trenc is home to the largest production of this Mallorcan seasoning, which was discovered thousands of years ago by Phoenicians and Romans, who visited the island to obtain this delicious seasoning.

For Aristotle, the “white gold” was the result of the union of the four elements. With more than 130 ponds and with the unique help of natural phenomena, the process of extracting the salt is simple. Following the neolithic tradition, water travels through channels to the ponds, where it evaporates leaving, like a thin layer of ice, the coveted salt crystals. Before the night falls, they are collected with a rake and allowed to dry in the sun.

The natural environment, the colours reflected in the water and an atmosphere that reflects a tradition of hundreds of years, make the Natural Park in a highly recommended destination for your first time on the island. The way in which the beauty of the coastline is combined with Mallorcan rural life, makes this the ideal place to visit for lovers of ecological and maritime tourism.

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