Sal del Himalaya Pure Salt Port Adriano

What are the benefits of Himalayan salt?

Himalayan salt is a product widely used as a natural remedy for minor body conditions such as relaxing and anti-stress therapies. This salt is not only beneficial because it is the purest type of salt that exists, but because it has essential components that are ideal for treating skin, muscle and circulatory problems. It is exactly what you need to help you unwind and leave the routine behind in the special salt room from our luxury spa in Port Adriano; an innovation that we have installed this year and in which we offer relaxing treatments designed to restore you completely. Do you want to know what the benefits of Himalayan salt are? These are some of its main benefits:

  1. It is an excellent muscle relaxant. Himalayan salt has a large number of relaxing properties, such as its high magnesium content, ideal for relieving muscle tension and discomfort such as cramping and trapped nerves.
  2. It relieves skin problems like acne and imperfections caused by blackheads and oily deposits. With a gentle treatment in the salt room of your adults only hotel in Calvia, you will notice how your skin becomes softer and more elastic. This product is also an excellent exfoliant that can be used both for the face and for the rest of the body.
  3. It helps you dream.  A regenerative therapy with salt from the Himalayas is enough to improve our sleep cycles and helps us to feel totally revived and rested.
  4. It Improves circulation, and, consequently it prevents the appearance of varicose veins. It is also an excellent remedy for tired legs and fluid retention thanks to its high percentage of potassium.
  5. It’s a decongestant. This product is widely used as an alternative remedy for colds, nasal congestion, sore throat and angina, cleaning the ducts and relieving the inflammation of flu-like symptoms. It is also a very effective natural antihistamine.
  6. It increases our energy levels. Its high antioxidant content gives us that extra energy we need to continue with our routine. It is a powerful ally of the brain, since it boosts performance and helps to lessen the fatigue caused by stress.
  7. It regulates blood pressure and promotes the proper functioning of our cardiovascular system. In addition, Himalayan salt regulates blood sugar levels and helps prevent premature aging of cells.

A delightful treatment of Himalayan Salt during your trip to Mallorca will help you feel regenerated during your holiday on the island of calm. Check out all our wellness services on the Pure Salt Port Adriano official website because your personal well-being is our priority.

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