Palma, a city for everyone

Tips for a City Trip in Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is one of the most visited cities in Europe. In fact, it was named the best city in the world to live by the well-known British newspaper The Times. There are many reasons to make all who visit the city to fall in love with , because Palma de Mallorca offers activities for all types of public:

Gastronomic center:

Palma de Mallorca has been positioned in recent years as a destination for fans of premium cuisine and not only in reference to restaurants. Traditional markets have become authentic places to taste the best fusion cuisine. For example, the market of Olivar, in the center of the city or the market of San Juan, which not only surprises by its gastronomy but by its aesthetic and calendar of events.

A green city:

Palma not only has the best beaches in Mallorca but is also surrounded by pedestrian paths and parks. These areas are ideal for quiet walks in nature, whether walking or even cycling. The waterfront of Palma stands out from the Pure Salt Garonda hotel, to the Parque del Mar. In the center of the city, stands the Jardines de la Reina (Avenida Antonio Maura, nº 18).

For history lovers:

In the streets of Palma de Mallorca the impressive historic buildings of all ages, such as the cathedral or the Almudaina Palace, are merged with the beautiful modernist architecture of the best known artists such as Gaudí. Making a route to see these buildings, such as the Gran Hotel (Plaza Weyler, No. 33) or the Casasayas (Plaza del Mercat, 13 and 14), is a must in Palma.

Tradition and modernity:

In the center of the city of Palma you can find all kinds of shops. From the most well-known brands worldwide, to shops offering quality handcrafted products. From gastronomic items that can be the perfect souvenir, to unique pieces of clothes, jewelry or crystal.

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