Vinos de Mallorca

Mallorcan wines. An experience for the senses.

To get to know Mallorcan wines is to get involved with one of those products that has been part of the island since time immemorial. It is known that in the VII and VI centuries BC there was already wine production in Mallorca.

Nowadays, Mallorcan wines are grouped into two designations of origin (Binissalem and Pla i Llevant) and numerous local wines, all of them of great quality and with an intense flavour thanks to the numerous hours of sunshine that the island enjoys.

Just as there is great variety in the wines, there is just as much variety in the grapes that are cultivated for this purpose. Chardonnay, macabeo, malvasia, muscatel, parellada or prensal (moll) among others for white wines, and cabernet sauvignon, monastrell, syrah, callet, black cloak, pinot noir among others for reds.

But there are also delicious rosés and exquisite sparkling wines from Mallorca, an option that is not among the best known internationally but which is perfect for alleviating the summer heat on the island.

In addition to being able to taste its delicious wines, on the island you have the possibility of getting to know how it is made and seeing its wineries thanks to the Mallorcan Wine Route which not only delights the palate but also the eyes, since a lot of it is in secluded areas where you can stroll through the vineyards or admire the beautiful houses that you find on the properties.

A good time to get to know everything about Mallorcan wine is at the end of September, when the town of Binissalem, which gives name to one of the two wine designations from the island, celebrates the Festa des Vermar (The grape harvest), in which as well as enjoying its hot dishes you can help with a competition for grape harvesters, concerts or theatre performances, and of course, try vermar noodles, a traditional recipe made with mutton.

Visitors arriving on the island also have the possibility of sampling the local wines in the hotel restaurants in which they are staying, which are increasingly investing in this high quality product. These are the hotels such as those found in the more exclusive areas of Mallorca, like the marina of Port Adriano.

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