4 Mallorcan wines you cannot miss this 2016

The island of Mallorca is a true paradise for wine lovers, and its more than 70 wineries offer a broad range of possibilities. Using the Gourmet Wine Guide 2016 as reference, we have prepared a selection of some of the best wines of Mallorca you simply cannot miss during your next visit to the island.

AN, Ànima Negra Wineries (G.E. Wine of the land Mallorca)

Red Mallorcan wine made with a variety of local grape, the callet. The grapes are picked by hand and are later left to age for 18 months in oak wood. The special conditions of the vineyard in Mallorca bestow this wine with a unique character. It’s 2012 harvest is especially noteworthy.

Pedra de Binissalem, José Luis Ferrer Winery (D.O. Binissalem)

The red Pedra is made with ecologically produced grapes of the Cabernet Sauvignon and Mantonegro varieties, and it is a great Binissalem wine. The aging is also made in American and French oak barrels for 6 months. Its intense aroma and spectacular fruity tones and hints of aromatic herbs are highly characteristic.

Tapas and wine - Mikel & Pintxo Restaurant

Chardonnay, Toni Gelabert Wines (D.O. Pla i Llevant)

A great white wine of Mallorca made with the Chardonnay variety and fermented in French oak barrels. With a golden yellow hue, it offers an elegant and unique aroma, highly spiced, ideal for tasting alongside white fish, stews or white meats. Its 2014 harvest is especially recommendable.

Sa Vall Private Selection – Miquel Gelabert Wines (D.O. Pla i Llevant)

This white wine is made with the grape varieties Giró Blanc and Viognier and it presents very fresh, floral and fruity aromas. It is a wine with a golden yellow color, and a good balance and body. Our recommendation: The 2011 harvest.

If this post has awakened your desire to explore the world of Mallorca wines, come visit the Mallorca vineyards and wineries, a perfect occasion for discovering the winemaking production, as well as an unforgettable experience.

When it comes to wine tasting in Mallorca, nothing is written in stone, and the best is to try for oneself. That is why, during your visit to the restaurants of our hotels let our wine waiter guide you and orient you in this journey through the senses. To start preparing, why don’t you check out the wine list at our Mikel&Pintxo?

Wines at Mikel & Pintxo Restaurant

Source: Guía de Vinos Gourmets 2016

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