Michelin Stars in Mallorca: 7 restaurants to which we take our hats off

Gastronomy is a fundamental part of Mallorca’s culture and its raw materials are so exceptional that it is no coincidence that the Michelin Guide takes us into account year after year. Here we will briefly go over the 7 Michelin starred restaurants in Mallorca of 2016:

Andreu Genestra Restaurant

Located in the municipality of Capdepera, the restaurant of the chef Andreu Genestra allows one to discover the true “cuisine of the earth.” Local products, creativity and skill go hand in hand to bring Mallorcan gastronomy to another level.

Bou Restaurant

Previously known as Es Molí den Bou, this establishment was the first Michelin Star restaurant in Mallorca. Today, its concept of creative Mallorcan cuisine is presented in three acts, and one of them is at the very table of the chef, the mediatic Tomeu Caldentey.

Es Fum Restaurant

One of the Michelin restaurant guide’s most recommendable options for enjoying an incredible sunset in summer. The chef Rafael Sánchez offers various tasting options, among which there are vegetarian and children’s options.

Es Recó des Teix Restaurant

Mallorcan signature cuisine restaurant managed by the German chef Josef Sauerschell. Its spectacular gastronomic offer finds its perfect ally in the breathtaking views of the town of Deià.

Jardín Restaurant

Whoever tastes one of their dishes will want to come back to repeat the experience. Its chef, Macarena de Castro, was awarded her Michelin Star in 2012, becoming the first female chef on the island to receive this award.

Simply Fosh Restaurant

It is Palma’s very own Michelin starred restaurant. Its chef, Marc Fosh, was the first British chef to receive a Michelin Star in Spain. It offers a modern, creative and Mediterranean cuisine.

Zaranda Restaurant

The only restaurant in Mallorca with 2 Michelin Stars, the first of which it preserves since 2006. Its chef, Fernando Arellano, offers a unique cuisine with deep Mediterranean roots that focuses on the quality of local products.

Without a doubt, Mallorca’s Michelin Star restaurants are an obligatory stop for the island’s luxury visitors. As well as an excellent display of culinary abilities, the Michelin Star restaurants of Mallorca offer a personalized and attentive service, as exquisite as that of the best 5 star hotels in Mallorca. Consult their opening calendars and reserve a gastronomic experience you will never forget.

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