Join Zen philosophy by practicing yoga in Pure Salt

Discover the best way to relax during your holidays

It is no good to go on holidays if once in the hotel you are not able to forget the everyday issues. Say goodbye to evil thoughts and worries is possible in Pure Salt, if you are willing to join Zen philosophy. You must have heard that word already. Zen is able to change the spirit and make possible a fusion with the universe. And as in Pure Salt we believe that relaxation is one of the pillars of the vacations we offer our clients yoga classes to initiate them in the spiritual universe.

Yoga in Pure Salt

The practice of yoga not only serves to relax, but also to start a healthier way of life and to do a little exercise. If you have stress problems in Pure Salt we will make them disappear. Wear comfortable clothing, get out of your room and enjoy a session that will transport you to paradise. All thanks to our professional team and the magnificent surroundings of Pure Salt hotels.


The practice of yoga is possible from the beginning of May until mid-October in any of the two fantastic Pure Salt hotels. If you stay at our hotel in Port Adriano you can enjoy an hour of relaxation on Fridays and Saturdays from 11: 15. If you are a guest of our hotel in Playa de Palma, and you want to come to a yoga class, come on Fridays and Sundays at 9 a.m. to the hall, meeting point of classes.

Thanks to Pure Salt there is no excuse for feeling stressed during the holidays!

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