How to get the perfect Swing golf

Mallorca, with its 23 golf courses and Mediterranean climate, becomes in Autumm a paradise for golfers, whether professional or amateur, that every year come from all parts of Europe to enjoy outdoors sport.

Pure Salt Luxury Hotels have asked Coque Insua, master from theSpain Golf Academy (Pure Salt Port Adriano golf academy for all levels) which are the keys to the perfect golf swing.

Respect body alignment

We should be aware of our body position and position the feet in tandem with the shoulders. For that, it’s advisable have your feet, hips and shoulders parallel with the finish line.

Check the distance of the ball with the body

The position of the ball in relation to the body can be decisive for a good shot. If the ball is too far forward, will fly too low; if the shot is done back, the ball will fly too high; if the body is located too far, the shot will be weak.

Remain behind the ball

The key to a perfect swing It is to remain behind the ball. Only then the body relaxes and the player can start the swing.

Check the position of the ball

The ball must be centered between the feet. Depending on the stick that is being used, will be better to locate the ball next to the left or the right foot.

Choose good sticks

To choose the best club is recommended a Fitting Club.  The FittingClub takes into account all the features to get a club tailored to yourbody: the perfect length, height, angle, the correct weight, flexibility and width of the handle.

Stay hydrated

Golf is a physical activity that requires at least five hours of dedication, something that makes difficult to maintain the blood glucose level. For this it is recommended that players drink plenty of water and avoid sports drinks during the play.

Exercise the body

You should practice these guidelines that are essential in training to get a solid and lasting swing.

Do not force the swing

A good golf swing is not necessarily strong and overwhelming. The goal should be to get a personal and soft swing, that can be repeated and trained again and again to achieve perfection.


Finally it is essential to check the position, slow down time, release tension in your hands, ensure club position and complete the swing. So you can achieve the perfect swing!

If these tips are not enough, you can train better in the golf simulator of Hotel Pure Salt Port Adriano and with the help of teachers of the“Spain Golf Academy. The golf simulator allow us an indoor training where guests will enjoy the last technology FlightScope.

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