Sal del Himalaya Pure Salt Port Adriano

What are the benefits of Himalayan salt?

Himalayan salt is a product widely used as a natural remedy for minor body conditions such as relaxing and anti-stress therapies. This salt is not only beneficial because it is the purest type of salt…

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Aromaterapia en Pure Salt Port Adriano

5 benefits of aromatherapy

There are aromas that sweeten, that trap, that heal the body and mind, aromas that give inner healing and that provide a complete sense of well-being and there are combinations that we find beneficial. The…

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Pareja Pure Salt

Simple plans for a romantic getaway to Mallorca

There are lots of places you can choose for a romantic getaway as a couple, but Mallorca combines so many ideas in one place that it’s definitely the best choice for enjoying time thought-out exclusively…

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