George Benson to play in Port Adriano

The genius of the jazz will delight his fans

It is never easy to find jazz virtuosos performing in Mallorca; in fact, jazz musicians who take the leap into stardom and become authentic celebrities in the world of music are a dying breed. George Benson is one of those stars who once in a while chooses surroundings as magical as Port Adriano to play to his fans, as part of a European tour that will also take in England and France.

One of the great Jazz-Pop artists

Guests at Pure Salt Port Adriano have the chance to enjoy one of the great international Jazz-Pop artists. George Benson has been bestowed with the title of one of the best guitarists of all time; during his 50 year-long career the North American has appeared on hundreds of stages in front of millions of fans from all around the world.

Benson is known for his incredible versatility, as he is a master of swing, bebop, blues, soul and pop. This versatility and creativity have made him into a black music legend, on a par with other great artists like Stevie Wonder.

Date and ticket sales

The George Benson concert will be held this coming Tuesday 25 July at 10 pm at Port Adriano, and is part of the “Discover the Live Music” festival that will bring other amazing artists like Tom Jones to the island.

Tickets are now on sale, and prices range from €38 in the “pista” sector, to €90 for a seat at a table in the club sector. Those who fancy enjoying George Benson’s guitar art from a front row seat can choose from the VIP or VIP Premium sectors, with prices ranging from €150 to €200.

Find the best selection of tickets here and make sure you don’t miss this performance by a real jazz virtuoso!


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