Focus Golf concentration

Focus Golf: concentration while playing

Concentration in golf is a very important issue and today, Pure Salt Luxury Hotels’ ambassador Luna Sobrón will give us some advice on how to improve it.

The tips according to Luna Sobrón are:

– In the first holes: focus before playing, go out on the field before starting to play and throw some balls to catch rhythm, analyze the weather conditions and play very calmly.

– Forget the result: when you think of a hit that you have failed in the previous hole, you will condition the game. The most important thing is to enjoy every stroke and above all, the natural environment that surrounds you.

– Don’t think about the consequences of a bad shot because, if you have a positive attitude, the next shot can be a good one and the rest of the shots will be favourable to your result.

– Knowing how to disconnect the mind is very important to manage both the focus of attention and the level of concentration. At the end of each shot, you must disconnect to save the energy you will need in the next shot.

– One of the best ways to concentrate is to have a simple hit routine, follow the same steps every time you hit the ball, this will help you concentrate at every moment.

– Speak with your caddy while you walk to forget about the game a bit and not be under so much pressure. Your caddy can also advise you about a shot if you find it convenient, since he sees it from another perspective.

– When you are playing the last holes, it is important to keep the level of concentration in the exits,as you will probably be tired and this can make you lose concentration.

– The concentration is very important to hit the ball in the direction we want. If we have a good concentration we can avoid distraction inside the golf course.

– Increase self-confidence through mental exercises, such as pronouncing keywords that are positive.

– Repeat in your head your skills as a player before going out to play the golf course.

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