Fiestas populares de Mallorca

Fiestas del Vermar, a symbol of Majorca

The town of Binissalem, Majorca, is one of the most well known places on the island thanks to its great wine culture and not only because it is one of the towns in Majorca where more wine is consumed, but also because it is one of the main areas for wine production and as such has earned the Binissalem Denomination of Origin seal. This fame has served to bring about one of the most important festivals in Majorca that will be held at the end of this month.

“Les Festes del Vermar”, or the Grape Harvest Festival, is the celebration of the end of the grape harvest and the beginning of wine production. For two weeks, the town of Binissalem, located half an hour by car from our hotel for adults only in Calviá, spares nothing in this colourful commemoration.

Parades, music, concerts, craft shows; the streets are filled with small stalls of typical cheeses and meat products such as, camaiot, a special mixture of pork meat, sobrasada (sausages) and butifarras (spiced raw pork sausages), while painters and sculptors hold art exhibitions. These displays are a very good way of learning something about Majorcan culture, since very often the artisans use traditional components and some stalls exhibit writings and engravings about the history of Majorca that are culturally interesting.

The Vermar is one of the most enjoyable festivals to be celebrated on the island, as it has lively competitions of grape treading and grape throwing, activities that are a spectacle in themselves and that are open for everyone who wants to enjoy a few hours of fun to participate. Float competitions are also held.

These festivities have two main elements: one is the exquisite wine tastings that are organized and in which renowned wineries such as José Luís Ferrer, Tianna Negre, Vins Nadal and Ca Sa Padrina participate. A true taste trip through the Majorcan fields and their different varieties of grape. The other element is the delicious “Fideus de Vermar”, harvest noodles, which are served at every restaurant table. They are the gastronomic symbol of this celebration and are made with noodles, seasonal vegetables, sausage and mutton.

The end of the festivities is signalled by a large festival that brings together the best-known musical groups on the island and offers activities for children and adults. It’s an ideal way to end one of the most representative celebrations in Majorca and the perfect choice for getting to know the island’s culture.

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