5 essentials of the Mallorcan kitchen

5 essentials of the Mallorcan kitchen

It is necessary to know the island well in order to have a 5 star experience in Mallorca and there is no better way to achieve this than through its most delicious side: Mallorcan gastronomy. Of pure Mediterranean character, it has some peculiarities that make it special thanks to some of its more traditional ingredients. Come to Mallorca and get to know luxury and unique tastes as your palate returns to the origins of the best cuisine.

Paprika Tap Corti: This type of paprika, sweet and of an intense red colour, is made only in Mallorca, as it is the result of grinding red peppers that are only grown on the island and have previously been allowed to dry in the sun. This is why it can be found in some of the most characteristic local dishes, such as ‘sobrasada’ (sausage), to which it gives its characteristic red colour.

Capers: or ‘taperes’, as they are called in Mallorcan. They are smaller than those grown in other parts of the country and retain a firmer texture despite being preserved in vinegar. They have been used in local cuisine for centuries, and today they are an accompaniment to dishes, an ingredient in a sauce or a salad, as well as the main ingredient of some recipes, such as tongue filled with capers, which previously was highly appreciated by the Archduke Luis Salvador as early as the end of the 19th century.

Fennel: This plant is part of the landscape in many parts of the island, so it has also been used since time immemorial in Mallorcan cuisine, giving it its deep aroma and sweet, aniseed taste. As well as its digestive properties, it can be found as a condiment in numerous dishes, as for example in the famous ‘frito Mallorquin’. Don’t forget to try the ‘fonoll marí’ or marine fennel, which grows on the cliffs by the sea and is served as a side dish after being prepared in vinegar.

Tomato ramallet: In addition to using of the most common types of tomatoes in cookery or as an accompaniment and in salads, Mallorca has its native variety, the ‘tomàtiga de ramallet’, which being more meaty than usual are perfect to be grated and the pulp spread on bread to which oil is then poured and various ingredients, thus elaborating on the traditional pa amb oli. Another characteristic of this fruit is that after being picked, the tomatoes can be preserved for several months by being strung up, without losing their properties.

Oil: And finally, another of Mallorca’s star products is olives, with varieties such as Mallorcan, empeltre, picual and Arbequina. Delicious oils of great quality are made from them with their place of origin recognized since 2002. Some are sweet and soft, and others are more bitter and spicy. They are all delicious and ideal for cooking and accompanying dishes, like the aforementioned pa amb oli.

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