El Clot d’es Moro

Discover El Toro Viewpoint

Port Adriano is a magical place that offers the best views of the island if we find the right lookout. To contemplate these beautiful landscapes, nothing better than the viewpoint of El Toro: El Clot d’es Moro.

What is Clot d’es Moro?

The Clot d’es Moro is a viewpoint located in the estate of El Toro. Located at 114 meters above the sea level, it offers a wonderful overview to the Rafaubetx Cliff. The most characteristic aspect is the view of the islets, such as the lighthouse of El Toro, which is a great tourist attraction.

Where is it located and how to get there

El Clot d’es Moro is located in El Toro, in the area of Calvià. Just 2 kilometers from the luxurious Pure Salt Hotel in Port Adriano. You can reach this viewpoint by walking all the way to Avenida Central and turning left at the end of it, towards Avenida del Mar

Creek Clot d’es Moro

El Clot d’es Moro not only offers spectacular views, it also gives you the possibility of take a dip in a fantastic turquoise water cove. To reach the cove, there are stairs on the left, which will take us to this beautiful cove where natural pools are formed

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