Deos Calviá en Port Adriano

Deows Calviá, your sporting event in Port Adriano

Spring brings to Port Adriano one of the most exciting sporting events of the whole year. In this event you can test your stamina while you get to know the incredible landscapes of the southern part of ​​Mallorca. Deows Calviá is a sporting challenge by sea and land that brings together hundreds of sportsmen and women from all over the world and that adapts to the participants’ physical abilities by offering different events in which to compete.

Magaluf, El Toro and Port Adriano become the settings for the 3 events that make up this competition which is divided into different routes that run through the beautiful coastal and inland landscapes of Calviá. Competitors will see the beauty of the Mediterranean all around them as they test their strength in the land and sea races held between April, May and June. Also this year’s innovation is the new category “Swim & Run“, held in the beautiful surroundings of Port Adriano, a few metres from your sophisticated hotel in Calviá.

The first competition of this sporting event in Calviá is held in Magaluf and the participants will be able to register for either the 1,000 or 3,000 metre route according to their fitness level. This area is famous for its wide range of entertainment and leisure activities, as well as being one of the best places to practise swimming in open waters. In this event competitors will swim off the beautiful Magaluf beach in an idyllic natural environment. The little ones will be able to make their debut on their own 200-metre-long race.

Port Adriano innovates this year with its “Swim & Run”, the second part of this exciting competition that takes place in a truly charming Mediterranean landscape. More than 8,000 metres of running and swimming encapsulated in one of the toughest and most beautiful courses of this competition.

The beautiful natural environment that surrounds the incredible area of ​​El Toro hosts the last part of the Deows Calviá 2018 in a nighttime competition through different landscapes. The 500 and 1,000 metre swim circuit has hardly any visual references so competitors will have to use their own sense of direction to reach the finishing line in the shortest possible time. The 200 metre children’s competition is a much more controlled, invigilated route than the adult one.

Sports lovers who are looking for something to do in Calvià will be busy in the next few months in area around Port Adriano. Go ahead and compete or, if you’d rather, watch one of the most anticipated competitions of the year while enjoying being at leisure in a marina with a wide range of restaurants, bars and entertainment.


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