Cinema festivals in Mallorca, an important appointment with culture

Mallorca is sun, it is beach, it is landscape, it is gastronomy. And of course, Mallorca is luxury. But it is also a culturally unsettled island, although that is not its best-known aspect. The islands general conception of being known as an international meeting point for culture in the Mediterranean is being reinforced by numerous initiatives launched in recent years, among which are numerous film festivals that are enjoyed throughout the year in the usual headquarters of Palma.

The city thus becomes a meeting point for a few days for all lovers of the seventh art and of all the arts in general, since it is easy to find in these cinematographic events, all with creators of all types of movies with new inspirations.

Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival: Between October and November Palma hosts this independent cinema event considered as the ‘Sundance of the Mediterranean’ and brings to Mallorca provocative, social and innovative film works from dozens of countries. In addition to numerous screenings in theatres, specifically at the Ciutat de Palma Cinema, other public events such as the cinema in the car are

organised, in the style of an American drive through, and meetings for professionals filmmakers, both amateur and experienced.

Films Infest, Independent Film and Cinema Festival of Mallorca: This appointment with the independent cinema offers support so that the creators gain some recognition and their efforts are discovered. Thus, they look for fresh cultural products, which are not only meant to entertainment but also inspire the spectators.

Atlántida Film Fest: A festival that was born exclusively online through the Filmin digital cinema platform and has recently moved to the analog format of theaters and professional meetings in Palma de Mallorca. It focuses on projects that look at Europe and its contemporary reality, and also in this case it gives the opportunity for the general public to see works that are not projected in the main cinemas, and for the professionals the possibility of exchange ideas, moments and future projects.

Festival, Italo-Spanish Film Festival: A meeting between the new cinematography of Spain and Italy that aims to promote the co-productions between both countries. In addition to exhibiting works from both countries, meetings are organised between Italian and Spanish authorities, institutions and representatives to enhance the relationship between the two industries and update the co-production agreement signed more than two decades ago between the two countries.

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