Bet Art Calvià

BetArt, a natural museum in Calviá

Calviá surprises us for many reasons. One of them is the cultural initiative that has been taking place in the city since 2012, the mission of which is to bring art into our day-to-day lives. It concerns the artistic movement BetArt, a natural museum in Calviá that with the participation of various national and international artists aims to integrate itself in the streets and buildings of the Mallorcan town as a way of getting the local people to participate.

Going for a pleasant stroll around Calvià is the best way to start your 5-star tour of this newly emerging artistic movement. This initiative was promoted by the City Council as an interactive cultural idea in which artists could create their work and, at the same time, pursue current issues such as how to stimulate children’s imaginations, caring for nature, loving your neighbour and so on.

The main objective of this initiative is to secure the permanent existence of a cultural activity in Mallorca that you can visit at any time, without gates or timetables, which invites the viewer to think about the theme that the artist wanted to represent. The most popular techniques are graffiti, everyday objects such as pots and plants and company posters, and the scenes extend between the canopies and walls of buildings, houses, squares and, actually, any space where artistic remodelling is possible.

This interesting cultural initiative is unique in Mallorca, attracting a large number of sightseers and tourists to the municipality of Calvià who don’t want to miss the spectacular works of art that appear in the town year after year. In fact, the initiative is beginning to extend little by little to other places such as the city of Palma, where the cultural activity has taken place in las Ramblas in Palma, one of the capital’s most typical attractions.

The Bet Art initiative is an ideal way of seeing a way of exhibiting alternative culture during your holidays and getting closer to an artistic concept that is gaining more and more strength on the islands.

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