Best Restaurant In Mallorca for Local Gastronomy

One of our most beloved things in the Balearic Islands is our gastronomy. That is why in this post we want to bring you closer to some of the best restaurants in Mallorca in which to try the island’s traditional cuisine.

Ca Na Toneta

Ca Na Toneta is a Mallorcan cuisine restaurant located in Caimari, in the heart of Mallorca, at the foot of the Tramuntana mountain range. It is part of Mallorca’s “Km.0 Slow Food” movement. Both the climate and the fields take the lead in this unique establishment in which we don’t know what the chef Marga Solivellas will offer us when we sit at the table; only that it will be a seasonal menu of Majorcan food.


Miceli, in Selva (another charming town at the foot of the mountain range) is one of Mallorca’s best restaurants of local cuisine, which treats its food with exceptional care and respect. Its chef, Marga Coll, heads almost every morning to the market in Inca and, with the available seasonal products, concocts a different menu every day. Miceli is a family restaurant located inside the old dining room of a 19th-century Mallorcan home, in which the chef grew up.

Miceli Restaurant Mallorca

Celler Can Amer

Celler Can Amer, in Inca, is a typical Mallorca restaurant in which time stands still. Ancient wineskins that have produced countless litres of wine for generations welcome us to one of the oldest wineries in Mallorca. Directed by chef Tomeu Torrens, here you will find carefully elaborated food from Mallorca made with an artist’s personal touch and the freshest and most natural seasonal products. The chef has gone over many traditional recipes, such as the roasted suckling pig or the Mallorcan-style cod, and has given them touches of modernity and elegance.

roasted suckling pig Celler Can Amer Mallorca

Mirador de na Foradada Restaurant

At the Mirador de na Foradada restaurant you can enjoy one of the best sunsets in Mallorca. What better way to do it than while relishing a good old dish of traditional Mallorcan gastronomy? At their restaurant you will find recipes such as the marine fry or lamb chops.


Don’t hesitate to ask us at reception how to reach these Mallorcan cuisine restaurants and we will be delighted to help. If you want to enjoy local products without leaving the hotel, come to our restaurant’s local Mallorca dishes tasting session: we have Mallorcan oils, wines and beers of the highest quality at Mikel & Pintxo. And at our buffet, every day, you can prepare your own “Mallorcan breakfast” with a selection of Mallorcan food such as cocarrois (a typical salty pasta), ensaimadas (a typical sweet pastry), homemade cheeses and selections of cured meats such as camaiot, sobrasada and butifarrones, among others. And if you prefer us to prepare your dish, ask for the complete Mallorcan breakfast that you will find on the menu.

Mikel & Pintxo Restaurant Mallorca

But at our hotel you won’t only find samples of Mallorcan gastronomy, because just by staying with us you are entitled to enjoy a free northern Spain food tasting session at our hotel’s restaurant Mikel & Pintxo.

PHOTOS: Ca Na Toneta, Miceli, Celler Can Amer, Mirador de na Foradada, Mikel & Pintxo

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