fiestas en Mallorca

5 open-air celebrations for getting to know about Majorcan festivals

People in Majorca can’t wait for the summer festivals to begin on the island of calm, and this is not just for their great shows, concerts and colours, but because the good weather and the warm night temperatures are just what you need for strolling and enjoying the daily events taking place in the capital and in the villages.

Attending a festival is not just music and concerts, it is also great food, traditional crafts, workshops, sporting events, popular dances … A large cultural show that takes over the streets and squares of the Majorcan towns inviting you to immerse yourself in the real Majorca. If you are planning your summer holidays in Majorca, these are some of the most characteristic festivals and they take place very close to your luxury hotel in Palma.

  • Esporles. This is the first one of the year, and one of the most famous for being one of the busiest due to its proximity to the capital. The charm of the town of Esporles, set in a Tramuntana valley, is combined with the vivid colours of the party lights in a sea of ​​typical crafts, music, traditional dishes, activities and, above all, a special taste for popular culture that takes place at the end of June.
  • Binissalem. This is the traditional beach party and one of the best ways to bring the month of July to an end. Although the town known for its wines par excellence is not near the sea, the square is transformed into a sandy area to welcome summer. Umbrellas, hammocks, sounds of the sea … It’s a fun party in with all kinds of activities, concerts and a popular ‘mojitada’.
  • La Romana in Alcudia. The legendary Roman city of yesteryear becomes an authentic Roman market in mid-July with centurions, soldiers, craftswomen and all kinds of representations to transport the public back to the ancient city of the Roman Empire.
  • Much de Reig en Sineu. The famous “Mucada” of Sineu is a popular party that has been celebrated for more than 15 years which originated from an old anecdote that tells the story that at a party in the neighbouring town of Vilafranca, a mask of disguise disappeared but was found by a group of friends a few days later in Sineu, where they held a big party to celebrate its return to the rightful owner in mid-August.
  • Flower Power in Porreres. The Flower Power festival in Mallorca par excellence. There is a costume contest, music from the 60’s and flowers and decorations from the hippie era. It’s an authentic journey into the past, celebrated at the beginning of August, in which the party never ends.

“Going to the verbenas” in Mallorca is an excellent opportunity to get to know Majorcan popular culture whilst having fun with the large number of activities, competitions and performances that you can enjoy in these traditional festivals.

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