4 plans to help you discover the real Mallorca in spring

Spring in Mallorca provides the time and tranquility one needs to explore the island in a different way, especially with your significant other or group of friends. If you are wondering what to visit in Majorca during this time of the year, here you will find some ideas:

Visit the gardens of Mallorca

Mallorca blooms in spring, and its gardens brim with life. Some of the most beautiful gardens in Mallorca especially in April, are the Alfàbia Gardens, to which you can arrive aboard the iconic Sóller train. Also the Finca Pública de Raixa, with its distinctive aroma of citrus blossoms, hides a gorgeous rose garden; or the Sóller Botanical Garden, a real sanctuary for hundreds of species of flora from all over the world.


Live the culture of Palma

On the other hand, the good weather in Mallorca in spring couldn’t be better for enjoying long strolls through the center of Palma and visiting its main landmarks. It is also a good moment to give your senses a treat with a route through the main art galleries of the city or to enjoy an opera concert in the Teatre Principal.


Join the local festivities

If you will be in Mallorca for Easter, you will have the chance to see the famous religious processions and enjoy the traditional food of this time of the year, such as the panades, crespells and robiols.

Also, the festivity of Moors and Christians of Sóller is one of the first dates on the yearly calendar of traditional festivities and one of the most important ones. If you visit Mallorca in May, don’t miss it. This year it will take place on May 9 from 15h to 23h.


Discover our gastronomy

In spring Mallorcan cuisine fills with a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, making it an unparalleled moment for discovering its best gastronomic corners during a dinner or romantic night out. Likewise, the vineyards are beautiful and offer the ideal backdrop for an elegant wine tasting in some of the most emblematic wineries of the island.


The island presents many different faces throughout the year, and its spring appearance may well be one of its most beautiful. Our hotels for adults in Mallorca open in spring, and they are waiting to show you all this polifacetic island has to offer.

Photos: Jardines de Alfabia, perejoan.com, Restaurante Zaranda.

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