The 4 best cocktail bars in the centre of Palma de Mallorca

Cocktails are in vogue, and you can tell with the increasing number of cocktail bars appearing in Palma. Today the city has a large variety of options for trying the trendiest cocktail drinks, prepared by truly professional barmen. Do you feel like discovering some of the most renowned cocktail bars in Palma de Mallorca?


This exclusive cocktail bar in Palma de Mallorca will surprise, not only because of its dazzling selection of signature and classic cocktails, but also due to its exquisite décor. The bar, located in Paseo Mallorca, is decorated in a 1950s style, with an impressive hanging light fixture made of more than 3000 bottles. Brassclub is run by renowned barman Rafa Martín, winner of numerous prizes in the cocktail world due to his fantastic technique and distinguished taste.

brassclub cocktail bar palma de mallorca


Ginbo is the perfect place in Palma for gin tonic aficionados. Its selection of more than 100 different gins, large variety of tonic water and expertise and dedication of the staff, who will delight you with some of the best long drinks in the city. It is definitely worth it to visit this place, also located in Paseo Mallorca, and discover its latest offers, which are constantly surprising.

ginbo cocktail bar palma de mallorca

Weyler Cocktail Bar

Weyler offers a totally comprehensive cocktail menu, all of them served with impressive attention to detail so that each drink can be enjoyed to the greatest extent. You can elect to sit inside, where you’ll find a wonderful expression of interior design, or sit on the terrace with priceless views of the stunning Gran Hotel, of the most iconic modernist buildings in the centre of Palma.

weyler cocktail bar palma

LAB Cocktail Bar

The LAB Cocktail Bar is one of the most innovative in Palma, having an area for training bartenders and inventing new cocktails. Located in Santa Catalina, it offers a range from classic cocktails to reinvented ones that use cutting edge techniques in molecular cocktail making, and even options for celiacs and diabetics.

lab cocktail bar palma de mallorca

Nonetheless, enjoying a great cocktail is something that fortunately you can do at plenty of spots on the island, such as in truly exclusive beach clubs, without forgetting to mention bars where good taste and a love for doing things right are their maxims, such as the ones in our hotels in Mallorca.

margaritas cocktails

Cocktail culture has arrived, are you ready to jump into it?

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